Ferulic Acid: What Is It and How Does It Benefit the Skin?

November 18, 2022

Ferulic acid is a substance that has been gaining presence in many cosmetic products thanks to its outstanding benefits for the skin.

Ferulic acid: what is it and what are its benefits?

With the advancement of cosmetic science, the public has come to know more and more names of certain molecules, compounds, and active ingredients popular for their benefits to our health. 

Others, however, are not so well known despite their vital importance. In the case of ferulic acid, this compound is in an intermediate situation. Although it is not as well known as others, more and more people are aware of its existence and its advantages.

Ferulic acid is a substance that has been gaining presence in many cosmetic products thanks to its excellent benefits for the skin.

This compound stabilizes the cell wall of the various layers of the skin. 

This stabilizing task is of great importance to preserve the cells from the aggressions that the skin receives. As well as to promote the essential cell regeneration that plays a key role in the firm and radiant skin appearance.

The main function of the skin is to separate the internal tissues of the organism from the external environment and to serve as protection against it. Skin cells are, therefore, the most exposed to external factors, and their maintenance is key to our health. 

You need to understand that skin health is as relevant to our well-being as the health of any other organ. 

Therefore, considering skin care as a merely aesthetic interest is a mistake. As far as the skin is concerned, aesthetics and health always go hand in hand.

Enhancing the effects of ferulic acid with vitamin C

Among the many advantages provided by this fundamental acid are the results of its combination with other compounds. 

This is the case with vitamin C, one of the most widely used active ingredients in cosmetics. The reason why both compounds enhance each other is because of their antioxidant character.

Antioxidants are substances that protect the body's tissues from oxidation. Although oxygen is essential for life, exposure to it causes gradual damage that accumulates with age, causing effects that we identify with skin aging.

Therefore, including citrus fruits in the diet and other foods rich in vitamin C will always help to protect the skin. But it is not only through nutrition that we can enhance the effects of ferulic acid. 

Adding antioxidant serums with vitamin C to the daily skincare routine is one of the most effective ways to include ferulic acid. This powerful combination protects the skin from atmospheric aggressions with scientifically proven results.

Ferulic acid inside and out

As science has already proven, our health depends directly on our dietary habits. 

In other words, food is the best remedy for healthy and glowing skin. By developing healthy eating habits and following a lifelong well-balanced diet, you won't have to worry about dietary supplements as much as you would if you only eat junk food. 

A healthy diet will preserve your largest organ (the skin) from the effects of time.

Since ferulic acid is so important for maintaining healthy skin, obtaining it through nutrition is the first thing you must take care of and make sure you don't lack this essential nutrient. 

Fortunately, it isn't difficult to include foods containing ferulic acid in your dietary routine, especially plant foods since this acid provides firmness to plant fibers, reinforcing the membrane of their cells. 

Ferulic acid can be found in the following foods:

  • Seeds and cereals: especially in whole grains, rice, barley, and rye, as well as oats, corn, and wheat

  • Vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, and celery, fennel, cabbage, lettuce

  • Fruits: such as plums, dates, apples, and pineapple

  • Nuts: such as walnuts and peanuts

  • Legumes: peas, various types of beans, and lentils

Also, the best cosmetic laboratories have managed to make ferulic acid available to the public in affordable products.

Thus, it is possible to provide our skin with ferulic acid both from the inside and from the outside. Thanks to highly effective products such as serum for acne-prone skin, ferulic acid can be easily incorporated when your skin needs it.


Final Word

Ferulic acid is an essential compound of many cosmetic products, obtained from numerous plants and responsible for the firmness of the plants' membranes. 

That being said, this vital acid does exactly the same protective effect with our skin cells, providing excellent protection and a radiant skin appearance. 

When combined with vitamin C it has an even more potent effect as both of the ingredients are powerful antioxidants. 

Ferulic acid can be obtained from a well-balanced diet including fruits, veggies, legumes, seeds, and nuts, but it can also be applied topically by using skincare serums.