How to Reduce Wrinkles Between the Eyebrows?

November 18, 2022

Tired of those awful wrinkles in between your eyebrows that show every time you make an expression? In this article we will go over how to progressively eliminate the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows with the most effective treatments.

With advancing age, it is normal that the so-called “expression lines” are more visible on the face and, consequently, generate an aesthetic problem. 

In this case, some of the most common expression marks are the wrinkles between the eyebrows, which are associated with the repetition of different facial gestures.

These “imperfections” begin as thin vertical lines, parallel to each other, which appear on the inner edges of each eyebrow. With the loss of collagen and elastin, which occurs naturally over the years, these marks intensify. This gives the face an appearance of anger and fatigue, as well as being a visible sign of aging.

Of course, other factors can accelerate the appearance of these lines and, of course, it is convenient to consider them for the prevention and care of the face. 

In the same way, some alternatives can be used after the manifestation of these unwanted features, such as exercises or treatments that help to attenuate or eliminate frown lines between the eyebrows.

Why do frown lines appear between the eyebrows?

The main cause of wrinkles appearing on the face is inevitable and has to do with advancing age. As the years go by, the skin stops producing essential substances for its cellular renewal, which favors the deepening of expression lines and the appearance of furrows and other signs of aging in the tissue.

Of course, genetics also comes into play, so it is very likely that some people, especially those with dry or sensitive skin, will naturally develop these signs earlier than others.

Being called expression lines, frown lines become a consequence of the continuous gesticulation that involves the area, even from an early age. Thus, stress, tiredness, or anger, among other emotions and states, are factors that stimulate those facial muscles used in frowning and the subsequent 

the appearance of frown lines.

Without detracting from this, there are also outside factors that are a permanent threat to the skin. Remember that this tissue acts as our protective barrier against weather, pollution, sun rays, and other external agents. Thus, if the skin is overexposed to these elements, it is more susceptible to being affected by frown lines, even prematurely.

Likewise, the lack of basic care such as routine cleansing and sun protection and the development of unhealthy habits such as smoking, lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, and lack of hydration also accelerate any signs of aging.

What exercises can be applied to prevent frown lines?

As already mentioned, excessive facial expression leads to a wrinkle appearance between the eyebrows and in many cases, prematurely. 

However, although this is a normal effect that affects everyone, some facial exercises can be performed to smooth expression lines and preserve a firm texture in the skin for much longer.

There are three basic movements recommended to practice at least twice a week, always with the help of a serum or oil for better gliding and more effective results.

  • From the center outwards: slide the index fingers from the beginning of each eyebrow to the temple and repeat this movement 30 times or more.

  • From the bottom up with the help of the index and little fingers of one hand in a "V" shape, hold both eyebrows to open the space between the eyebrows. Then, similarly with the other hand, make upward movements from the center of the eyebrow to the hairline at least 30 times.

  • From one side to the other: both middle fingers should be placed horizontally above the eyebrows and slide together from one end to the other, in a horizontal direction and up to 30 reps.

At the same time, other routine exercises can help prevent excessive gesticulation of the area and avoid the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows.

For example, when exposed to the sun, it is common to frown to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, so the use of sunglasses is recommended to avoid this gesturing. 

In turn, making too much effort for reading or observation leads to repeated facial movements and requires eyesight correction with an ophthalmologist.

What treatments exist to eliminate wrinkles between the eyebrows?

The progress of science has allowed the development of different products that help to combat or diminish the effects caused by age and other factors. 

Although there are surgical procedures capable of eliminating wrinkles between the eyebrows, there are aesthetic products that help considerably reduce the presence of these wrinkles. 

These usually include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, and retinol. Consult your dermatologist before buying any product, and make sure it suits your skin type. 

Also, if you want to try a completely natural wrinkle-removal treatment, you can opt for CBD-infused cosmetics of pure CBD oil and apply it directly to the affected area.