The Perfect Combination of Facial Mask and Exfoliation

November 18, 2022

Here are some tips to keep in mind according to your skin type to get the most out of facial mask kits. Take note!


The face mask has become one of the most popular and widely used beauty and skin care tools. For this reason, the best cosmetic brands develop complete lines of facial masks to suit different skin types.

Facial masks benefits

Many face masks claim to be an all-in-one product that provides numerous benefits when it comes to skincare:

  • They help cleanse the skin.

  • They provide hydration.

  • Promote skin elasticity.

  • Add radiance to the dermis.

  • They fill and smooth wrinkles.

Thanks to the above, they achieve a rejuvenating effect that can be complemented by the flash effect.

In addition, depending on the type of mask we choose, we can reinforce one or all of the above-mentioned effects.

Facial cleansing with mask and exfoliation

The first effect is to cleanse the skin of the face. To do this, it is essential to include an exfoliating product. Thanks to it, the masks clean the pores by eliminating adhered impurities. These can be absorbed by the mask so that when it is removed, it leaves a cleaner complexion. Similarly, excess oil produced by the skin can be removed.

To facilitate the integration of these effects, skincare brands designed their 3-in-1 products with an exfoliating, cleansing, and mask function. Combining mask and exfoliator in a facial mask kit is the best way to save time (and money).

Facial masks according to your skin type

Each dermis has its own needs, so you can take advantage of the wide range of masks that the best laboratories have developed to suit each skin type.

  • Oily skin

Excess oil is a common problem for many people. To combat excessive sebum, you need to look for a mask that's specially designed for your skin type. 

Oily skin type requires an exfoliating and cleansing mask designed to remove excess sebum from the skin. Thanks to it, you can better regulate the segregation of dermal oil and prevent its accumulation.

The ideal mask and scrub kit for oily skin can be complemented with a good toner to soothe the skin after the exfoliating effect.

  • Dry skin

This type of skin requires extra hydration to combat the effects that dryness can produce, such as premature aging, irritation, and flaking. For this reason, some masks contain compounds that stand out for their moisturizing power.

Dry skin requires weekly application of gel masks that deeply moisturize thanks to their vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid. These elements penetrate the layers of the skin, retaining moisture and improving the water balance of the dermis, restoring the good condition of the cutaneous barrier.

To complement the facial mask kit for dry skin, remember to include toner and sunscreen since ultraviolet radiation has greater damaging effects on dry or irritated skin.

  • Skin with blemishes and imperfections

Skin irregularities can also be treated with the right face mask kit. You can combine a powerful exfoliant with a mask that deeply nourishes the skin. For example, you need deep exfoliation serum that allows you to cleanse the skin before applying a hydrating and nourishing mask that promotes the correction of blemishes. These products also hydrate and soften the skin, smoothing and revitalizing it to make it look more even and luminous.

Complement your mask

There are many daily facial care products for sensitive and allergy-prone skin that require compounds made with more carefully tested elements to avoid harmful reactions.

Remember that before applying the mask, you must cleanse the skin carefully. This is where your exfoliator comes into play, although there are masks that have it built in. If so, do not exfoliate more than once not to damage the skin too much, as you could irritate it. After facial cleansing, it is time to use toner, especially if you used a scrub during cleansing. This way, your skin will be better prepared to enjoy the benefits of the mask.

After the mask, you can use a serum and a moisturizer. Again, you need to customize this routine according to the type of mask you are using so that you don't repeat any of the steps. For example, if your mask has a specific moisturizing effect, there is no need to use an additional moisturizer.

The last step is to use a specific product for the eye contour. This is a particularly sensitive area with extremely thin skin, so it is essential to choose a compound designed for this part of our face.

The combined effects of the mask and exfoliator will protect your face from aging and will be your best ally to maintain revitalized, luminous, and homogeneous facial skin.