What Is Biotin and What are its Benefits for Hair?

November 18, 2022

Biotin is a vitamin also known as vitamin H, vitamin B8, or vitamin B7 and is one of the most important agents for healthy hair.

Hair loss is one of the biggest issues, especially for men, and is caused by several factors. 

It can be genetic and appear at a very young age or it can simply be caused by a poor diet or a stressful situation. 

There is a seasonal hair loss that is completely normal and usually occurs during the fall and spring. Over the years, it is also common for the hair to become more fragile and lose volume.

All these cases have one thing in common: lack of vitamins that promote hair growth. The idea is to reinforce a healthy and balanced diet with nutritional supplements such as vitamin complex supplements. 

These can provide an extra shot of energy when we need it. When it comes to hair, a group of vitamins stands out among all the others: B vitamins. 

This group of vitamins is particularly helpful for strengthening the hair. Within the group of B vitamins, biotin is the most requested one. Let's discover the benefits of biotin for the hair. 

What is Biotin?

Biotin belongs to the B vitamins group. It can also be found under the names vitamin H, B7, or B8. It is an essential vitamin that forms glucose and fatty acids. Biotin is also closely-connected to breaking down fats in the body, thus promoting a healthy and fit figure. 

It can help metabolize amino acids and carbohydrates and keep fat accumulation away. Biotin is essential for creating energy in your body, providing you with strength, endurance, and healthy hair and skin. 

Low levels of biotin in the blood can cause dermatitis, brittle nails, and alopecia, but there is rarely a deficit of this vitamin in the body as it is present in many foods. Biotin is water soluble so it is not stored by the body.

What is its function?

As we mentioned earlier, biotin helps the body metabolize fats and proteins. It converts carbohydrates into glucose, which translates into nutrient assimilation and energy generation. But its effect is especially noticeable in the health of hair, skin, and nails.

What are the hair (and health) benefits of biotin?

Biotin can increase the production of keratin in the hair, which can translate into hair follicle growth. Regular intake of biotin results in stronger, shinier, and fuller hair. It helps to prevent hair loss, dandruff, or scalp itching. 

By intervening in the metabolism of fats, biotin makes hair more elastic and reduces hair breakage, which is why it can prevent its loss. It also stimulates blood circulation, so nutrients reach the hair roots more effectively.

Biotin has other functions such as promoting optimal brain function, controlling diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels, increasing the body's immunity, and protecting the heart against multiple problems.

What foods contain biotin?

Fortunately, we ingest biotin regularly, especially if we follow a balanced diet. Eggs, nuts, and some meat organs such as liver, sweet potato, avocado, and fish all contain biotin. 

In general, adding biotin-rich foods to your diet is not only going to improve your hair health and solve your hair loss problems but also correct your stamina and boost your metabolic system. 

Obesity can cause hormonal imbalance, which can further lead to conditions like hair loss. Biotin can help with shedding excess fat and also accelerate your hair growth. It means that this vitamin works for hair health in many aspects. 

If you want to make sure you get the correct dose of this vitamin, or if you feel you are losing more hair, you can opt for vitamin supplements based on biotin. 

Extra Tip:

Alcohol and tobacco are fatal for your skin and hair health, so if you partake in these vices, consider quitting, or at least reducing the consumption to help biotin show its best effects on your hair. 

Final Word

Biotin is a crucial vitamin our body needs to metabolize carbs and fatty acids to produce energy. 

Moreover, biotin is crucial for our hair health, as well as boosting the strength of our nails and protecting us from hair breakage, hair loss, dandruff, and other potentially damaging symptoms. 

Biotin is also called vitamin H, vitamin 7, or vitamin 8, and it is contained in foods like meat, fish, nuts, eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes, and more. 

You can also take biotin as a dietary supplement if dealing with extreme hair loss or conditions such as alopecia or psoriasis. It won't only restore hair growth but improve your scalp's skin appearance as well.