Brewer's Yeast Supplement for Athletes' Optimal Health

November 18, 2022

Brewer's yeast, increasingly used as a food supplement, is a by-product derived from the fermentation of cereals, mainly barley, necessary to obtain beer. 

This solid residue, which remains after the fermentation process, is the yeast that, properly treated, has different food applications due to the beneficial properties it can provide to the body. 

Its composition highlights the presence of a good amount of fiber along with vegetable protein, minerals, and vitamins, something that has made it an ideal complement to many diets. 

Do you want to know what brewer’s yeast is for? In this article, we will tell you the great benefits of brewer's yeast for our health.

Source of energy and muscle mass care

It is not surprising that brewer's yeast is a common supplement in athletes' diets because its rich composition means provides the necessary carbohydrates (about 36 grams/100 grams) and, on the other hand, provides a good amount of protein (almost 28 grams/100gr,) essential to maintain optimal condition of the muscles. 

Gaining extra energy to face intense physical and mental activity and protecting muscle mass from possible loss or deterioration are two important functions to which brewer's yeast can contribute. In temporary episodes of tiredness, decay, or asthenia, its energetic contribution can be of great help to lift your spirits.

Complete food, especially useful in vegan diets

It is not only the amount of protein that brewer's yeast provides to the body but also the quality. It is a vegetable protein of high biological value and contains all the essential amino acids the body needs for its daily activity and vital functions. Its richness in protein, together with B vitamins, makes it a frequent food supplement in vegetarian and vegan diets.

Rich in fiber

This is another of the important benefits of brewer's yeast, since its high fiber content promotes proper intestinal transit, being effective in avoiding episodes of constipation. In addition, given the satiating power of fiber, it is considered that it can be used even in weight control diets. 

The fiber in brewer's yeast is soluble fiber, beneficial when it comes to taking care of the digestive system and the intestine due to its prebiotic effect, which takes care of the intestinal flora.

Controlling cholesterol

Although research continues, it is estimated that the fiber contained in brewer's yeast can help maintain the correct cholesterol levels in the blood, slowing down the absorption of the bad (LDL), through the intestine, without reducing the good (HDL). For this reason, it could be an ally to take care of cardiovascular health.

Improving blood sugar levels

It is important to be clear that there are no definitive scientific conclusions to support the possible benefits of brewer's yeast in controlling glucose levels, which is especially important for people suffering from some form of diabetes. 

Even so, it is known that among the micronutrients provided by this yeast, we have chromium, a mineral estimated to act favorably on glucose metabolism and glycemic control.

Health and beauty

Selenium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and B vitamins are some of the components of brewer's yeast that make it a source of health and beauty. 

As an example, we must highlight the contribution of iron, essential to combat anemia, and also the rest of the minerals that are basic to maintain hair and nails in good condition. 

In addition, we must remember the presence of another important substance, glutathione, a compound of different amino acids that make it a powerful antioxidant when it comes to curbing free radicals and preventing premature deterioration at the cellular level.

How to take brewer's yeast?

The good properties of brewer's yeast mean that including it as a dietary supplement can be interesting for many reasons, from sporting activity to strengthening your hair.

In any case, you can find it in the form of supplements in tablets and also in powdered or flaked form for culinary use. In this case, you can use it to enrich vegetable juices or smoothies, sprinkle it directly on a pasta dish, or include it as an ingredient in a delicious Bolognese sauce.

If you prefer, you can also add a few flakes to yogurt or a glass of milk. In powdered form, brewer's yeast can be used and taken almost as if it were spice or a light flour that can be added to soups or stews.

The only precaution you should take is to start taking it in small doses, to check for any possible unwanted effects, and consult your doctor if you suffer from any ailment or pathology. Also, if you are not very familiar with the taste, you may find brewer's yeast a bit bitter.

Final Word

Brewer's yeast is an extraordinary food supplement that helps promote muscle mass, as well as keep blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. 

Before adding it to your daily routine, check with your doctor for possible allergies and side effects.