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Loved By Influential Athletes

To achieve and maintain peak performance, the most influential athletes depend on our wellness products.

Floyd Mayweather

Boxing Champion

Boxing Champion and Smilz ambassador Floyd Mayweather wore the Smilz name on his trunks in his epic fight.

Shaquille O'Neal

Basquetball Player

Boxing Champion Boxing Champion and Smilz ambassador Floyd Mayweather wore the Smilz name on his trunks in his epic fight.

Ana Clarisa Mendoza

Olympic Gymnast

Boxing Champion Boxing Champion and Smilz ambassador Floyd Mayweather wore the Smilz name on his trunks in his epic fight.

Join the 1,000s that are already VYBE-ING

Been using for 8 Months!

As a fitness enthusiast and a Science guy, I am always curious to find the real value of a supplement. What works and what does not work. big Fan of VYBE products!

Brian M.

Gym Athlete

Divatrim Protein is Amazing!

Taking 30 grams of this Divatrim protein powder along with 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate, I have gained 10 lbs of lean muscle in 3-1/2 months of working out daily, four times, for about 10-12 minutes per overall body workout

Nancy M.

Womens Coach

I've shopped around, and nothing is better for me.

I have been exercising consistently for around 10 years, and in that time I have tried countless brands of whey protein. Despite my hunt, I always come back to Divatrim double rich chocolate.

Samantha F.

Student Athlete

NZT 48 has boosted my thinking already, wow!

Started taking as soon as I received them. After one day I noticed some interesting changes in my short term memory. Over the last few weeks some deeper results have appeared. I’m not an expert and these are my personal experiences.

Ryan W.

College Student

Helps me alot!

Some of the best protein Ive ever had, Vybes customer service is unparalleled.

Brian M.

Basketball Coach

Keto Gummies!

These taste better than other brands I have purchased. I chew 2-4 at night and I believe they've improved my sleep. I did see some weight loss as well.

Jose H.

Yoga Instructor



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